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The Ending

on Thu Apr 06, 2017 5:59 pm
No one was prepared.

First, the heat. It baffled scientists, farmers, leaders, everyone. The heat was so sudden, so much so that people blamed each other for it. Leaders declared war on each other for their own need of satisfaction on being right, but they never saw what was happening back at home. Drought spreading across the land, reservoirs and lakes drying up, farmers unable to crew even the hardest crop, wildfires taking over massive forests and towns. Chaos broke out as the governments were too concerned with neighboring countries than their own people. The power grid was lost, killing thousands in hospitals without a blink of an eye. The economy fell, forcing people to scavenge or try and trade resources. Gangs broke out, the police were corrupt, it was everyone for themselves.

Then came the thing that should have ended it all. A remote science lab had been researching a new virus. It didn't seem to effect animals so they thought it was harmless. It didn't stop them from trying to figure out why, and how the virus can still survive. But, they were attacked, the virus infecting it's new and only host- humans. It spread quickly, there were bodies in the street. No one could tell when they had the virus, it seemed it was different for everyone. Some would just drop dead while others, ones you thought were sane, turned insane. Others got a fever. There was no sign.

In the end, few survived. Those who did ended up being remote, fearful of other humans and if the virus would ever rise again. Over time, the heat died down, but people can't remember what it was like before the heat came. Some think that it could have been humans who caused the heat, or maybe it was a punishment.

That was 5 years ago.
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