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Character Creation

on Fri Apr 07, 2017 6:55 am
Before you can RP here, you have to create a character app and have it approved by a staff member. There are two categories you can chose from - human or animal. As a realistic forum, your character isn't going to have any powers or be some sort of mythical beast. Simply make your topic- trying to post it directly into the approved area won't work. The title can just be your character's name, and if you'd like to post it before your done, simply put a 'wip' in your title. Make sure you remove it when you're done editing your app. Then a staff member will review it, and if they ask you to change something then just edit your post. After editing your post, 'bump' your topic by replying with another post. The post doesn't have to have much to bump, but if you'd like to say what you changed then do so. Once they give the approval you'll be put into the appropriate group and be able to RP.

Make sure to copy the entire template. Your words go where the ()'s are, so remove the ()'s and the words inside of them and replace them with your own words. Anything inside the []'s are not to be touched. If something does happen, a staff member will fix the coding of your app.

The human creation template can be found here:

The animal creation template can be found here:
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