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Site Rules

on Tue Apr 04, 2017 9:31 pm

Staff is allowed to enforce the rules. Not listening to the staff can result in more consequences. If there is a problem with the ruling of the staff, PM an admin and they will see to it. Rules are subject to change.

General Rules
-Respect each other. You may have different opinions on things but in the end, everyone is here for the same reason. RP conflict is allowed, but OCC conflict is unfavorable.
-Spam is not tolerated. Posts should be separated either by another person, or at least 24 hours. If you need to say more, edit your post.
-Keep it appropriate. Sexual actions can be implied but anything further must be moved to messages. Images must not contain nudity. Illegal content is not allowed.
-Images should be kept an appropriate size. Images in the chatbox must not exceed 100x100px. Images in topics should not alter the site width/appearance.

RP Rules
-No powerplay/godmodding. This includes taking control of someone else's character, or your character knowing something it shouldn't.
-Attempt to make longer posts. One liners will be treated as spam.
-Character must be accepted prior to RPing.
-New items can only be used in topics made after gaining the item.
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